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An important part of web design are the images.

It’s easy to get carried away with keyword density, search engine optimization and meta descriptions in an effort to dominate the search results.

Free images can be striking but you have to search for them

Free images can grab your attention but you have to search for them

With the millions of web pages out there the competition is tough. This is where striking images come in to play. A compelling image can stop a page hopper in their tracks, grab their attention and then, just maybe, they will start to read the words.

Now, you may be thinking that you need hundreds of pounds for good quality images. Not so. There are many fantastic image library sites out there with great images ranging from free, to a few pounds to hundreds of pounds.

If you are prepared to do the searching then you usually find what you need on the free sights and if you have the cash then the world is your oyster.

To add images to your web design here are 3 image library sites to get you started.

A huge range of free images. Many great, some not so good. Try here first.

Great photos for a few pounds.

Getty Images
The best images but the top prices.