Sitting in the coffee shop at the back of Waterstone’s book shop in Norwich, Norfolk I am surrounded by a wealth of web design books. The idea of referring to printed books in the world of web design may seem a little low tech in this fast changing industry.

However, there are many fundamental principles of design and usability that could have been written thousands of years ago that are relevant to today’s online world. The software, coding techniques and computers change daily but one thing that remains the same is human behaviour.

Web design books have a place in the modern, online world

Web design books have a place in the modern, online world

A pleasing design will have the same principles weather it’s for a web site, book, map, poster, TV, fashion, a chair, a car or a building.

There are 3 books I reference regularly when web designing and they are as follows.

Don’t Make Me Think!
Excellent, common sense approach to usability – worth reading every time before you start a new web project.

Graphic Design: The New Basics
You need to know the basics – also contains some inspirational design ideas.

Graphic Design School
Contains a number of creative solutions to some typical design problems – good for getting your brain thinking.