When designing a web site clients can often under estimate the value of colour.

Colour is a key element to how the site is perceived by the user. Different colours evoke different emotions.

Logos need to stand out, links need to be clear and text readable. With bad colours these can get lost, confused and turn the user off.

One of the key factors to getting colours looking good is to use ones that work in harmony with each other. This can be easily achieved by using sites such as Color Schemer Online. This neat little site presents colours in complementary hues and shades. We often point clients direct to the site to try out colours for them selves.

Another way to find a pleasing pallet is to turn to nature.

Walking along the Norfolk coast recently I saw complementary colour schemes everywhere – the sand, stones, drift wood set against the blue gray tone of the sea, the shades of greens in the coastal grasses against the earth. You will be hard pushed to find a colour clash in the great out doors.